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We introduce the most secure messenger ever on your smartphone. We created our own systems that make it possible to hold encrypted messages and calls in HD standard. Whole communication via Usecrypt Messenger is secured with end‑to‑end encryption with all cryptographic operations made on user’s device.

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Usecrypt Messenger

More private than face-to-face

Security is our top priority. None of the existing apps, developed on open systems and protocols, can ensure such a top level of confidentiality as Usecrypt Messenger does.


What makes us so strong

We are sure that Usecrypt Messenger is the safest tool available on the market. All encrypting protocols and algorithms that we use, are checked by the best cryptographers and cryptologists. Check the technology that stands behind our app.


Surveillance check

UseCrypt Messenger uses advanced cryptographic protocols, that let you constantly check if your phone have been hacked, spied or remotely attacked. The detector in the app will display a red text when the smartphone is in a danger of possible attack.


Your contacts, not our business

When registering, we change your phone number and entire phonebook to crypto abbreviation. There is no way to find it decrypted or guess. We don’t store it either.



We keep a constant bitrate (CBR), while conducting phone calls, which makes it impossible to do a side-channel attack on your device. Usecrypt Messenger also detects man-in-the-middle attacks and informs the user about it (by using Short Authentication String – SAS).


Key Guardian

UseCrypt Messenger uses Zimmermann Real‑Time Protocol which negotiates the keys for encryption of two sides of the voice conversation. It uses Diffie–Hellman key exchange and the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) for encryption. By ZRTP you know, if the keys match and if your conversation is secure.


No backups, no problem

Our tool is designed to work only and directly between two users of the app. We don’t store any information about your conversation on our servers, they are in an encrypted sandbox. We don’t do any backups and store no meta-data. It’s impossible to restore any message that were permanently deleted by user.


IP anonymity

Yes, we don’t even need to store your IP address, so there is no billings, meta‑data and IP‑geolocation proofs.

Testing for invigilation

You don’t need to know all the technologies that make your smartphone secure. We do. Usecrypt Messenger is the only app that can test if your device is secure and resistant to invigilation. You can always check if the communication is safe in settings.

Free secure calls anywhere

Every call made via Usecrypt Messenger is made in HD standard. It’s encrypted with separate cryptographic protocols, different than chats, and secured with Short Authentication String (SAS) to make it even more secure. The call you make are both encrypted and crystal-clear.

Real-time private chats

Usecrypt Messenger lets you chat with other people in a fully private and the most secure way. All conversations are encrypted with end-to-end encryption, so no one can read it. Not only conversation is encrypted, but also every single text is secured separately with different key. No one does it, except us.

Private group conversations

You can make a group conversation with other members of Usecrypt Messenger app. It lets you work securely within company and have encrypted conversations with your fiends and family, You create as many group chats as you want.

Testing for invigilation
Free secure calls anywhere
Real-time private chats
Private group conversations
They take privacy seriously

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